Saturday, September 11, 2010

End of Summer 'Chokes

There is nothing I don't love about artichokes. I love to eat them, I love their foliage and I love their amazing blooms. They add a lot of interest to the garden and I grow them mixed in the perennial beds throughout the gardens. The even make great cut flowers in all stages of their development. Not a lot of plants in the garden can deliver on that many levels.


Művelt Kert said...

Hi Sheila! I've just planted some artichokes this summer and am already stunned by the beauty of the leaves. The ones in your picture are gorgeous! Eszter

Kathleen said...

Your new puppy is cute Sheila! I understand what you're saying about his energy level tho. Whew.
Love those artichoke photos. I tried for the first time to grow one plant last summer but it didn't do well at all. :-(
Your pictures reminded me why I wanted it in the first place (besides liking to eat them). Maybe next year??