Sunday, May 16, 2010

Master Gardener Tour

It was a busy day with our SJC garden open to the Orange County Master gardeners all day yesterday. It was a wonderful experience, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. There were lots of plants in bloom, but everybody's favorite seemed to be the pretty 'Beverly Sills' iris which was blooming in about a half dozen different spots.
I had some wonderful volunteer docents who were more than happy to do some deadheading while waiting for guests. Oddly enough my yard looked better by the end of the tour than the beginning, thanks to them! The whole garden seemed to be smiling by the end of the day with all the positive energy. It was a lovely day!


Antique ART Garden said...

I wish I could get my garden looking good enough to actually have a tour ( or viewing ), the Iris is beautiful ! Thanks, Gina

Diane said...

I look forward to reading more! Lovely photos you have.

Barbara said...


Your magnificent garden was the highlight of the tour and it was great to meet you!

Barbara a.k.a "Bees and Chicks"