Friday, May 21, 2010

When Ones-ies Work

I am constantly lamenting about how I have a habit of what I call polka-dot planting as opposed to planting "en masse". One here, one there, no continuity. But there is a time when it is appropriate. That would be as accent planting and this lovely iris, 'Orinoco Flow' is a good example. This area is filled with shrubs and small-flowering perennials and does not necessarily attract the eye. But who could not notice the bold colors of the iris that stand out dramatically and create a pleasing scenario. This time I got it right!


Amy said...

Yes, you did! It looks very pretty standing out among the others.
I will have to remember that one is sometimes the way to go! Thanks for your post.

Racquel said...

That Iris needs no company to shine. :)